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2018 Fiesta Medals on Sale

The TJHS HPS 2018 Fiesta Medals are here! The medals feature a dangle of the Patio Fountain, built in 1932, that is currently being restored as the latest TJHS HPS project. At a cost of nearly $200,000, the restoration will be finished near Summer 2018.

The medals will be on sale at the School, Good Time Charlie's, and Deco Pizza for $10.

September 19, 2017

Progress on the Student Council Fountain Restoration

Representatives from various construction, architectural, and trades firms who are members of the fountain restoration team were present at the September 20th Board Meeting. Each spoke briefly about their companies and the part they will play in the process.

James Gray of Rialto Studios began with a state-of-the-project introduction. He noted that the synergy created by the meeting of the team members was shaping the project as better ideas were formulated with all the minds together.

Burditt Tile presented the tile restoration plan. A component of this plan that is dictated by the Historical Design Review Board is that all of the tiles that are removed must be saved as historical materials. Not all tiles are being removed. Whichever tiles are still basically intact will remain. All others will be replaced.

Dunis Studios, tilemakers in Wimberly, Texas, showed samples of the tiles they hand make in their factory. The process was briefly explained. Dunis assured the Board that the tiles would be expertly matched, with only surface finish varying somewhat due to aging of the original tiles. Dunis clients of note are the McNay Art Institute, the King Ranch, The San Pedro Park Library, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Larry Stevens (TJHS Class of 1969), owner of Stevens Art Foundry will create the 3 bronze frogs for the fountain. His notable projects are the Juan Seguin Memorial, various works at Notre Dame University, Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial, and the Texas Ranger Monument.

The managing contractor for the project, Guido Construction, introduced their project manager and presented construction details and a preliminary budget of $181,000. There are options that will either increase or decrease the budget as they are accepted or rejected, and a construction contingency of $10,000 is earmarked.

Other contractors not represented were Fountain Works, Mission Plumbing, Sculptural Design, Big State Electric, and Hunt Concrete.

It has been a long haul to this point, but the work and wait has been worth it as we see the imminent restoration of the Student Council fountain.

Memory Bricks

We need a shot in the arm to get the next (third) batch of bricks laid. We have orders for about 75 bricks right now., but we need more to move on engraving and laying.

We need at least 100 bricks to have a set engraved. We need at least 200 to put a batch in the ground. We hate to make people wait so long after they buy a brick before they see it on campus, but  our stewardship of the Society's funds requires that we do things only at financially advantageous breakpoints.

Put this project on your social media to reach out to as many Jeff grads as you can to help get those bricks into the ground.

Here is a suggested post for your Facebook page, complete with a link to an order form. Copy and paste it into your Facebook status:


Add your name to the Thomas Jefferson High School Mustang Legacy Circle. Over 500 people already have their names around and near the flagpole on the front lawn of Jefferson. Immortalize a family member, a friend, or yourself by purchasing an engraved Memory Brick. The funds raised go to help restore the student council patio fountain.

Download the order form at

Download a list of all engraved bricks that are in place as of 9/19/2017.

Include Your Class
in the Mustang Legacy Circle

The highlighted classes have a brick in the Mustang Legacy Circle. Get your class involved!

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See this beautiful picture-laced article of some very impressive school buildings. Jefferson is #3!

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